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A Blow Out

This past Memorial Day my family and husband's parents went to Albuquerque, New Mexico to see my son Justin Brown. You see, my son decided to ride his bicycle with four other Baylor University students from Waco, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. He wanted to bring awareness to Teen Suicide. His group is called the Alive Campaign. During his ride we decided to meet up with him in Albuquerque to bring him and his friends some encouragement. They were glad we did...

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Find Lost Items

Take the Short Cut

Souper Bowl

I am Blessed

During Praise and Worship at church one day I discovered my diamond had falling out of my wedding ring. I frantically whispered in my husband’s ear that I lost my diamond. He told me not to worry...


Everyone knows that the shortest way is always the straight way.  I went to a UTEP football game with my husband, Tom, and with some close friends. We always have such a good time...

 One of the biggest sporting events in the United States of America comes every year in January. It’s the super-bowl. Thousands of families gather around their televisions to watch grown men...

Have you ever been flipped off by someone when you were driving your car? I have.

I was merrily driving onto the freeway without a care in the world merging with traffic when I looked into my rear-view...


Don't Give Up!

The Kiss

Our Helper

CIA Encounter

I have an adorable little niece. Her name is Shelby Hopper. She is 7 years old and is as cute as can be. One day she was playing a game of Monopoly with her brother Jared and their grandma. Now Grandma Billie was winning the game.

A kiss is very special. It is giving to those we love. We can demonstrate our kisses in many various ways. For instance, you wouldn’t kiss your dog the same way you would kiss your spouse. There are sweet kisses...

Tom and I were in Dallas, Texas for the ICFM minister’s Conference in October of 2002. We had the most memorable time. It was really inspiring as well as fun. All of the speakers were anointed and we made some long lasting...

It was a memorial day in the historic city of Washington, D.C. My husband, Tom, and I were touring some of the great sites. We had already visited places like the White House (amazingly small), The U.S. Capitol, U. S. Supreme Court...


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