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Satellite Church

Tom Brown’s ministry has grown by leaps and bounds in El Paso and around the world, and now you can be part of his church by becoming a Word of Life Satellite Church member and/or host.


Here’s how it works! You just need to fill out the form below and agree to donate at least $50 a month and we will send you DVDs of every Sunday morning service ($60 for those overseas) or donate $25 a month and we will send you CDs of every Sunday morning service ($35 for those oversees). You can simply choose to enjoy the messages by yourself or you can partner with us and help us spread the message of freedom and victory in Christ by hosting a weekly Bible Study and show one message per week to a group.


If you are interested in becoming a Satellite church member you must...


1.      Agree with our statement of faith.


2.      Be filled with the Spirit or be seeking the full baptism in the Spirit.


3.      Be baptized in water.


4.      Live in an area with reliable postal service. Certain third world nations will not be able to participate in this offer.


So if you are ready to join, fill out the form below or if you prefer mail your first donation and ask to join.


You can always cancel your membership at any time.


We look forward to joining our faith with yours!


"I'm a satellite member and host, and I have to say your DVDs are anointed.  I have a son with autism and when he heard your sermons, he immediately came to the living room and sat in front of the television and listened.  I know that God's presence was in our house." Kim

Tom Brown

P. O. Box 27275

El Paso, TX 79926

(915) 855-9673


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