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Question: Who is the governing body that ordained Pastor Tom Brown as Bishop?

Answer: The body is All Nations Christian Church International (ANCCI). It is headed by Patriarch John G. Githiga and Archbishop Doyle Volentine. The church started as a result of the Episcopal Church (USA branch of the Anglican Church) ordaining an openly, active homosexual bishop. As a result Patriarch Githiga ended his official communion with the World Wide Anglican Church. Many other churches did so too. All Nations Christian Church International is completely Anglican in heritage and origin, but is not in communion with the See of Canterbury. It is considered a "continuing Anglican Church."


Question. Is ANCCI a charismatic church? Do they believe in speaking in tongues and miracles?

Answer: Absolutely yes.


Question: What does Bishop Brown mean that he is ordained under "apostolic succession"?

Answer: Bishop Tom Brown was already ordained; however this new ordination traces itself in an unbroken line of Bishops all the way to the Apostle Peter. Click here for a list of the chronological line of Bishops.


Question: Will Word of Life Church remain as a non-denominational, independent church or will it become a denomination?

Answer: Word of Life Church will remain non-denominational.


Question: Will ANCCI give direction and instructions to Word of Life Church on how it operates or what actions the church takes in the City of El Paso?

Answer: No. ANCCI will not be directing the operations of Word of Life Church. The church will remain completely self-governing.


Question: Will Word of Life Church have any financial obligation to ANCCI?

Answer: No.


Question: Will the worship music change?

Answer: No. We will continue having a contemporary band.


Question: Will the doctrine of Word of Life Church change?

Answer: No. We will continue preaching the same full-gospel message.


Question: Will the ministers wear clerical clothes?

Answer: Sometimes, when representing the church, during communion, baptisms, special services, ordinations, hospital visits, weddings, funerals, quinceaneras, (unless requested not to) etc.  Bishop Tom Brown will normally wear his customary clothes when he preaches and teaches.


Question: Will church members have to do the sign of the cross?

Answer: No. There is and has never been any opposition in anyone doing so.


Question: What is a Bishop compared to a Pastor?

Answer: Under the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox views, Bishops are heads of churches. They are over other pastors, and they alone can ordain deacons and priests (elders and pastors). Tom Brown has already acted as a Bishop by ordaining deacons and pastors and being the head of Word of Life Church. This ordination confirms his work as a Bishop.  He will be given responsibility by ANCCI over the churches that he plants or affiliates with him.


Question:  Will the church be using the term "priest"?

Answer: No, because Word of Life Church stresses the priesthood of all believers. We will continue using the terms "elders and pastors" rather than priests. However ANCCI uses the term "priests."  A priest is equivalent to an elder and pastor.


Question: Can we still call Tom Brown Pastor, or should we refer to him as Bishop?

Answer: A Bishop is always a Pastor since the word "Pastor" means shepherd. Tom Brown will always be a shepherd of the church. However, in respect to his office, he should be referred to as Bishop.


Question: Will those that Tom Brown ordain be under apostolic succession too?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Will pastors and deacons already ordained by Bishop Brown at Word of Life Church need to be ordained again under "apostolic succession"?

Answer: No. If they would like to be ordained under apostolic succession they may do so.


Question: Can women be ordained under all offices?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Will those that are ordained have the power to ordain others?

Answer: No. Only Bishops can ordain others.


Question: Can Tom Brown, as Bishop, ordain other Bishops?

Answer: No. He can only assist with the Archbishop in the ordination of other Bishops.


Question: Will Tom Brown be Bishop for the Roman Catholic Church?

Answer: No. He will be Bishop only for Word of Life Church and ANCCI and any other churches that choose to be affiliated.

 Questions and Answers about Pastor Tom Brown's ordination as Bishop


Tom Brown was consecrated and ordained as Bishop under Apostolic Succession along with Steven Evans

(from left to right, Sonia Brown, Tom Brown, Steven Evans and Mikah Evans)

March 7, 2012

Word of Life Church


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