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Testimonies about Tom's Ministry

"How to be led by the Spirit" was excellent!  It was so meaningful to me.  Thank you so much for reintroducing Him to us.  Sometimes we forget what is really important in our lives.

Evangeline Dutchover


I've been reading your articles for several years. They have been so teachable. Praise God for such wisdom, glory to God. Many I have saved them in my computer for later use or reading. But I will really need and want to start ordering your books. Add them to my library,  Not just to store them on the shelves but to be used continually. Want to thank you and such a blessing with God's anointing upon you. Shalom

Mary Jane Quintanilla



Thanks, Tom, for a timely article on the eternity of one who kills him (her) self. So many are depressed today. The links at the bottom allowing the transmission of the article, etc. show your concern for depressed persons. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of insight, and we all need to fear the Lord (Matthew 10:28).

Clarence Ogle


Fantastic article on prosperity as it relates to meditation!

Jan Lucas


Thanks a lot Bishop for this message. It has made an impact in my life and am going to change for the better as I continue meditating upon the word of God.
Reginah G Kario


I have read many of your articles over the years as I have struggled for answers to life's difficult issues.  While I have not always agreed 100% with your opinions, I do believe that your heart always seems to be in the right place and your answers are always Bible based. 

You helped me years ago when I went through a divorce and I struggled with wondering if marrying again would be like a perpetual sin that would endanger my soul.  I have been happily remarried now for 6 years to a wonderful, loving, Christian wife and the Lord has blessed us with beautiful 3 year old twin girls who are the most precious gifts imaginable.  So many people like me were raised in Christian homes by parents with good intentions, but somehow ended up as adults with heavy burdens of self condemnation and doubts about God's love for us if we don't perform to our own expectations of perfection.

I am just writing now to say thank you for your prayerful answers and the work that you are doing.  You really do encourage and direct a lot of people who have good intentions, but need some guidance. 

May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

Mike Gable


Just wanted to let you know how blessed I am by your website. I listen to your teachings just about everyday. We know that God gives us His Manna from heaven, but the fruit we have to fight for. Please pray that I can hold on to my confession of faith without wavering until I see the manifestation of the miracle I need for my son. I confess Gods word over him everyday, even when I don't see any change and when I don't feel like it. He is faithful who is promised and He honors his word. 



Bishop, you have really strengthened my faith through this message of physical and demonic diseases. Please include my family in your prayers. We need to be delivered from asthmatic attacks. Thaank you.

Kario Reginah


Thank you, I was asking the Lord how to listen and discern His voice in my life two weeks ago and I received this article from you. Your articles are blessings in my life and may you and your ministry be richly blessed by God.

Gladys Rozario


I searched online for articles related to suicide to help educate my children during our Bible study time. Your article was amazing to me because you didn't waiver from God's Word. I was able to related because my pastor,  Robyn Gool of Victory Christian Center in Charlotte, NC; teaching does not waiver from the Bible as well.  Many people are looking for a bandage to cover their wound  rather than healing.  I enjoyed your article and it was enlightening thank you again.

Arleathia Boyd


Most honorable Bishop. Tom Brown.

Greetings from India, faith Gospel Church Ministries, pastors and saints in the Name of our Lord Jesus.

I have received your dynamic message : Speaking with Tongues, your message is wonderful we like and I shared your message to my 100 Pastors and saints to speak with tongues. Your message has given us power and knowledge. I am speaking tongues and my pastors, too. We are teaching to our saints. Thank you for your good message sir. May Jesus bless you abundantly. Thanking you sir Most sincerely.



Well brother Tom it's so exciting to hear your translation of a powerful truth. I have been ministering this truth on The baptism of the Holy Spirit exactly this way for 35 years. God bless you bro. You're a true inspiration to me and our ministry here is Cape Town South Africa.

Bikers Church and the Christian Motorcyclists Association Senior Pastor George Lehman


You have very valuable information concerning homosexuality and same sex attraction. God bless your service to the body of Christ and to the dying world. I am dealing with a teen who has recently confessed his attraction to males. What I've read is so very helpful. I was in the dark about the issue, but I prayed and ask the Father for wisdom and this has helped me much. Again you have very valuable info to concerning homosexuality.



Thanks for this article. It brings the point across very clear. I was struggling with the concept of a Good Friday after reading an article from another ministry and it seemed to try to say that anyone worshipping on Good Friday was not a true Christian. So your points have set my mind at rest. I know that it is not important to know which days he died, just that he did die and was resurrected for our sins. I shall try to get to listen to you when you visit England. God bless

Graham Hickey


Hi Tom, I just had to write because for the past week I don't know why I would mention your name it surprised me the second time I did it and I looked you up to hear your messages and realized how much I missed your teaching. You are still my number one then Ed Young, Joel Osteen, Joyce but I have to say you did change my life in 1998. I am friends with Sandra and Mary who invited me to church after my car accident. That is when I saw a miracle my hand got healed and the doctors were amazed...not as much as me...thank you for helping me believe in the word of God. I love you friend...you are awesome. I just had to tell. God Bless you always.

Sylvia Heredia


"I just got on my computer and was looking for websites to see if homosexuality can be forgiven, and found your website. What you said about the peers [not being accepted by their peers as a cause of homosexuality] was exactly what happened to me. I just wanted to tell you, God used you to make a difference."

Name withheld

Praise the Lord Pastor Tom Brown. I am currently reading your book Devil Demons and Spiritual Warfare. It is causing my faith to grow in being an overcomer of evil forces.



Thank you for your article on suicide. I struggle with depression anxiety ADHD. So myself has been wrestling with suicide. you have helped me understand that believe in Jesus is definitely the way. I'm a believer but sometimes have little faith. I am going to try trusting in Jesus. I have begged Jesus to take me and he has not, so I know for some reason he wants me here. Thank you reminding me to trust in Jesus.

Donna Trettel


It seems that many questions I have for the Lord he answers me through you. You encourage me more than you know and oh how I love and appreciate you more than words can describe. You are my covering. I continue to learn and grow from the way the Lord uses you to impart wisdom and understanding.

Rey Marrufo


Our Dearest Bishop Brown and Most Honored Wife - As we are completing your wonderful book, "Breaking Curses Experiencing Healing", we are overjoyed that you have come into our lives.  Thank you for such a faith-filled and God sent message of belief and redemption.  Words can't explain the gratitude and appreciation we  always feel for you and your bravery when stranding strong for the words of God. 

May God continue to Bless you and your family, Keep you in safety and peace.  We love your spirit and stand strong with your beliefs.

Cynthia Fenton


My son just had a debate on capital punishment and I told him according to O.T. is was biblical but in the N.T. Jesus says to turn the other cheek.  After reading your statement I feel you are correct.  Jesus was teaching us not to take revenge personally.  We are commanded to follow the laws of the land and capital punishment happens to be one of those laws.  Thank you for the enlightenment


Thank you Brother Tom for this article on Favor.  The words you have spoken are correct and speak directly to my life.  Thank you

Valerie H

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