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Testimonies about Tom's Ministry

I want to thank you for showing up at our church, The Shield of Faith in Sumner, Washington. Ever since then we have seen nothing but a big miracle with my brother in law Wayne. He was the one that had the shakes and the one with the alcohol problem. He has not had a drop of alcohol from that day on. Thank you Jesus praise the Lord. Also my neck and feet are doing a lot better also.
Chuck Williams


I so needed to be reminded of exactly whose I am and the awesome power God has given me through the Holy Spirit. One aspect of your article that has a different and fresh view is: the Holy Spirit strengthens me as I need Him to. I especially was helped by your sharing the analogy of the rich man and who knew of his riches ... but once they (his riches) were needed he could make a call and they would flow to and through him to met his/others needs.

Fan Wallets, EKEZ2@aol.com


Sonia, I would like to take the time to thank you for your wonderful web site and your inspirational stories.

My future husband is the Youth Pastor at our church, and together we have enjoyed reading both you and your husbandís insights on circumstances we, too, face in our relationship. You see he is the only African American member of our church, and we have had to face some really tough issues.

It was very refreshing for us when we found your site and actually saw how wonderful true love can be, and how effective having faith is. The success of your ministry is very inspiring to us, it has encourages us to press on and has really helped us to know that we have been placed together for a reason.

Deborah Ray, deborahr@gastonchamber.com


It is refreshing to read your article on Job. Many times I've heard pastors talk negatively about Job, when in my spirit, I felt that they were incorrect in their diagnosis. You summed it up very nicely, from who Job was, why suffering came upon him and the outcome of Jobís continued faithfulness and trust in God.

I'm so glad that there are ministers and other Christians out there like you that have not been brainwashed and formed into puppets by repeating what other ministries are teaching, without careful balancing and lining the truth up with what the word actually says. I admire your choice to take the less narrow road by teaching what God really says about the Word and not what man has repeatedly said. You are truly a blessed minister.

Lisa Rivera, proverbsthreefive6@yahoo.com


I just read your message on God's timing and it was very inspirational. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you.

Bryant, bjw1@cox.ne


Sir here in my country of Cameroon, recently in the Christian church every one talks about you. You have become a house hold name.

Mrs. Item Maimouna


Enjoyed reading your article on Speaking in Tongues. It was very well done. Thank you.
Laura Matheson


I just wanted to say that it's refreshing to see the true word of God taught on the web. I'm at your site a lot and you teach subject's that most "churchee" types won't touch. Your 'Straight up and Real !' And that also is refreashing!
Jay, WRMACH@aol.com


I've just discovered your site, and I'm impressed (glory to God). I especially like the Q/A regarding Jesus going to Hell. I finally found someone who agrees with me! Like you, I agree that Adam's sin brought a three-fold consequence of deathódeath of the body, death of the spirit, and death of the soul. I believe that Jesus, in order to make propitiation for sin, had to experience all three.

Effie Torres, torrese@sbcglobal.net


I want to thank you on your article on tongues. At my church, The First Assembly of God, there are people who speak in tongues. Because of that my friend stopped going there. I was confused I didnít know if it was good or bad. But by reading your article I understand now. Thank you it was very inspiring. Iím only 12 and very very recently my uncle died, It made me realize how important life is and helped me turn to God more. I was interested in your experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Beth, Sevensterrys@aol.com


Thank you for your article on the Olympics. As usual I read all your articles as if they were written just for me. It was at your church that I was saved 4 years ago , and since then I've tried to live a Christian life. Thank you for opening my eyes and to the Lord for putting you in my path. May God Bless your church. A faithful follower of your teachings.

Martin Diaz, DiazMartin@msn.com


I am just writing a note from England to say what a breath of fresh air your ministry is. I read plenty on the web, and only discovered you by hitting the wrong key.

COMMON SENSE is what us believers need. Thanks for providing it.

I have always said, those men of God really doing the business are
unknowns. Keep it up
Blessings, Jimmy, james.bedding@bt.com


I listened to your tape on the apparitions of Mary and have one word for it
Name Withheld

I want you to know I think you're doing a great job in your ministry. All the things I've read that you wrote make really excellent sense. I am currently seeking ministry for myself. I am so glad that you believe that we are suppose to take charge over our situations and cast out demons, speak with new tongues, and operate in the fullness of the gifts of the spirit.
Steve Clews

It is so refreshing to actually see someone who takes a stand on one of the greatest moves of God. As I have searched the web most of the sites pertaining to the "word of faith" movement have been negative and down right slanderous.

I had been a Christian for several years in a denomination that really is a good one but, never really taught or expounded on living a victorious and successful Christian life. Most was put off to the future and not that as we live on earth now that we can be joyful and make a difference here and now! I was introduced to Bro. Kenneth E. Hagins Ministry and what a difference the Lord has made in my life through his ministry and others in the charismatic/word of faith movement. I attended Rhema Bible training Center and graduated in 1998 so this move of God has profoundly changed my life.

I am amazed at how people can take bits and pieces of Bro. Hagin and Copeland's teachings and other leaders and twist them to totally misrepresent them and the Word of God. Its so good to see someone as you using the web to promote the Gospel rather than wasting time slandering and criticizing others. Sincerely, J.Kelley , Samson015@cs.com


I am the counselor at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a client wanting self-control. I assigned her to do a search on the Scriptures, which she found helpful. Afterwards I found your article. It is so clearly written, and so "right on" biblically, I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciated it. May I have permission to reprint it for use with some of my other clients? I'll of course credit you.

Pepper Meulendyk, Pepper502@aol.com


I just saw the Daystar program with you and your lovely wife. I liked very much your teachings and biblical references to all you did with the exorcism aired on television. I am now enjoying your website and loving the Bible answers section. I just can't learn too much! You certainly have explained many things I was not sure of with scripture. Thank you again for your website. I will pass it on to my friends who will enjoy it too. God Bless You Both

In His Love,
Shirley Carey, nanagram3@prodigy.net

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