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Find Freedom and Victory in Christ

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    Don't be Your Own Worst Enemy.
The most destructive words that will ever be spoken to you will be spoken, not by your enemies, but by you. 27 min 57 sec

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    Don't be Your Own Worst Enemy. The most destructive words that will ever be spoken to you will be spoken, not by your enemies, but by you. 27 min 57 sec

    Don't Let Others Put You Down. It is easy to feel dejected when the people you trust put you down. You must learn to accept God's opinion of yourself rather than people's. 28 min

    Autumn: The Season of Harvest. When God blesses you, it's time to be a blessing to others. 20 min 51 sec

    Summer: A season of growth. God has made great and precious promises to you, yet you must persevere and grow during this season of difficulty. 20 min 42 sec

    Spring: The Season for Planting. Jeremiah says that you have to break up the hard ground before you can plant. This means you have to deal with the sin and doubt you have in your life before you are ready to pursue your dreams. 20 min 59 sec

    Season for Goal Setting. When things are very cold and dark in your life, it is the time to dream. Don't waist bad times feeling sorry for yourself; instead dream big! 21 min 03 sec

      Discern the Seasons. You need to learn the times you live in and what you should do. Don't fear the future. Don't regret the past. 21 minutes

    Seasons Come, Seasons Go. If you are going through difficulties, remember it is only a season. Seasons come and seasons go. 20 min 46 sec

    The Mind of Christ. You have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will show you your calling, your inheritance and your power. 23 min 31 sec

    Prepare Your Mind for Action. Don't let the devil choose your thoughts for you; instead, you should choose your thoughts for yourself. Think God's thoughts about yourself. 28 min 30 sec

    Your Mind Under Attack. Satan can make you sick, but his greatest attack is not on your body, but on your mind. Learn to take captive Satan's satanic thoughts. 28 min 30 sec

    As a Man Thinks: The Influence of the Mind. Do you still struggle with the same problems over and over again? You will never make progress until you take control of your thoughts. Your circumstances and character are determined by the thoughts you think. 28 min 30 sec

    Deliver Us from Evil. Do not be naive and think the world is a friendly place. It is ruled by the evil one, Satan. Learn what it means to be delivered from him. 28 min 30 sec

    Give us Our Daily Bread. Learn how even the earthly, natural things like bread can be sacred. You will discover how to pray in what you need--money, health and revelation. 28 min 30 sec

    Thy Kingdom Come. Don't be afraid to pray, "Thy will be done." God's plan is good for you. 28 min 30 sec

    21 Seconds to change your world: Our Father. It only takes 21 seconds to pray the Lord's Prayer, but if you understood what you were praying it would produce great results. This is part one of the series. 28 min 30 sec

    Speak Grace to Your Mountain. When you face an impossible situation, the answer is to speak God's grace to your situation. Learn how to do this in this powerful message. 28 min 30 sec

    Tell Others About Jesus. You are called to tell others about how Jesus changed your life. Learn the four main points that you need to know about sharing the gospel. 28 min 30 sec

    Love One Another. This is proof that you are Christ's disciple. It is also the one thing you do on earth that you will continue to do in the age to come. 28 min 30 sec

    What on Earth am I here for? God created you for a purpose. Discover the five purposes of your existence. 28 min 30 sec

    The Love Bank, Part 2. Learn the different ways you can make your spouse love you more. 28 min 30 sec

    The Love Bank. Discover that love is created when people do things for each other, and those good acts become deposits in the love bank. 28 min 30 sec

    Doubt Robs You of God's Glory. God promises you an abundant life, but doubt will stop God's blessings from coming to you. 28 min 30 sec

    You Can Receive Supernatural Abilities. The Holy Spirit makes you smarter, better and stronger. 28 min 30 sec

    Prayer that Brings God Glory. Ultimately prayer is for the glory of God. The best answer to prayer is whatever brings God the most glory. 28 min 30 sec

    The Way Up is the Way Down. Jesus said that everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted. Learn the power of humility. 28 min 30 sec

    Offense Free, Blessing Bound. Jesus has made a promise to the person who refuses to be offended by others. Don't be offended when people hurt you; be blessed instead. 28 min 30 sec

    Wealth Transfer to You. Don't be discouraged when bad people seem to prosper; God's plan is to bring the wealth of the sinner to you. 28 min 30 sec

    God's Creative Power. God works through His Word. You are either one of four people that Jesus mentioned that received the Word. Become the noble and good-hearted person and produce much fruit. 28 min 30 sec

    Declaration of Faith. Confession of sins is good, yet too many believers do not understand and practice the declaration of faith. Learn what this is and how it can bring blessings to you. 28 min 30 sec

    You have God's DNA. The 70s was the most pivotal decade in America and the world. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Learn the important changes in this decade. 28 min 30 sec 

    Seven Valleys that Can Destroy You. God does not promise that you will not go through the valley, but it's important to walk through it and get out of it. 28 min 30 sec

    You Are a Magnet of Blessings. When you are blessed of God you become a magnet of blessings, favor and good breaks. God's blessings will be on your work. 28 min 30 sec

      Be Positive or Be Quiet. Your mouth is the door to your life. Your words open both blessings and curses in your life. 28 min 30 sec

    The Power of Speaking Positive. Rather than being down on yourself, why not speak positive of yourself. Even when you are getting older, you can use your tongue to energize your life. 28 min 30 sec

    Faith Cometh by Hearing. The determining factor to your faith is not the scriptures, but hearing the Word preached. You are the sum total of the sermons you hear. 28 min 30 sec

    Faith is not a leap in the Dark. Faith is based on the most solid evidence in the world: GodHis existence and His Word! 28 min 30 sec

    Faith for Your Future. You cannot have a good future simply because you hope for one. Only faith can make your future good. 28 min 30 sec

    Encourage Yourself in the Lord. You will never be a real success until you develop a personal relationship with the Lord. It is nice to have others encourage you, but you must live on the encouragement you get directly from God. 28 min 30 sec

    Be Angry, But Don't Blow it. Anger is not a sin, unless you allow it to control you. Learn how to rule over anger. 28 min 30 sec

    Disciplining Your Children. Children need both roots and wings. Roots in the Christian faith and freedom to pursue their dreams. If you set your children on the right path early they will not depart from it. 28 min 30 sec

    How to Loose Angels. Discover the truth that angels can heal. Learn how to activate them in your life, and watch Bishop Brown release angels to heal people. 28 min 30 sec

    Don't Let Fear Sink You. Your fears are prophetic. They predict what will happen to you. 28 min 30 sec

    Angels on Assignment. All angels are ministering spirits sent to serve you. Have you been putting your guardian angel to work for you? Learn how to in this great message. Plus, watch angels heal people in this video. 28 min 30 sec

    God delivers you from fear. Do you struggle with phobias? Learn how you can be delivered from this tormenting spirit. 28 min 30 sec

    You are anointed. The anointing changes you into a different person. Learn more about what it means to be anointed. 28 min 30 sec

    When God takes you through the fire. What do you do when it seems that God has abandoned you? Understand that God is looking to use the trial to promote you. 28 min 30 sec

    Money chases you. Quit running after money like unbelievers do. Put the Lord first and you will see blessing chasing you down. 28 min 30 sec

    You can prophesy your future and healing. Did you know that your words will determine your destiny? Learn the prophetic language of God. 28 min 30 sec

    You must confess it before you possess it. You will never get your prayers really answered in the way you want until you learn to get your tongue inline with God's Word. 28 min 30 sec

    What to do to get your prayers answered. What happens when your prayers are not answered right away? Bishop Brown tells you what to do. 28 min 30 sec

The Difference between faith and hope. You cannot receive from hope what God promised only to faith. Learn how to convert your hope into faith. 28 min 30 sec

    Run Your Race Don't look to the left or to the right; keep your eyes ahead on the prize. 28 min 30 sec

    Keep Your Vision in Front of You Write your dreams down and learn to focus on God's plan for your life. 28 min 30 sec

    Turn a Setback into a Comeback Don't fall into the trap of self-pity. Turn your life around with God. 28 min 30 sec

    Jesus: Lord of Words & King of Your Life Pastor Lorenzo Aguirre shares an inspiring message on humility. 28 min 30 sec

    Stop Manipulators from Controlling You How can you tell if someone is manipulating you and how can you stop it? Learn about manipulators in this empowering sermon. 28 min 30 sec

    Seven Levels of Authority Learn about the seven levels of authority and why they are important. 28 min 30 sec

    Don't Let Others Control You Are you being controlled by someone? Are you a controller? Learn the signs of a controller. 28 min 30 sec

    Quit Tolerating the Jezebel Spirit How can you tell if someone has a controlling spirit? 28 min 30 sec

    Healing the Brokenhearted Learn about one of the key points of Jesus' ministry -- healing those with a broken heart. Jesus draws near the broken-hearted. 28 min 30 sec

    Injury can Produce Ungodly Soul Ties When you are injured, it can psychology injure you so you become trapped in bad relationships. Learn how to free yourself.  28 min 30 sec

    Fatal Attraction Do you need to break free from a toxic relationship, but can't seem to do it? This message is for you. 28 min 30 sec

    What is a good soul tie? Learn the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship. 28 min 30 sec

    How to Activate the Gifts  Learn how to activate the gifts of the Spirit in your life. You can see the gifts increase in your life. Based on Tom's new book, Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. 28 min 30 sec

    Prophecy Keeps You Ahead of Satan What is prophecy? How can you tell a true prophecy from a false one? Learn about this unique gift can give you knowledge about the future. Based on Tom's new book, Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. 28 min 30 sec

    It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming Does a situation in your life seem bleak? Find strength and encouragement through Jesus' resurrection. 28 min 30 sec

    Wisdom is the Best Gift Don't know what to do? Learn how wisdom from the Holy Spirit can help guide you. Based on Tom's new book, Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. 28 min 30 sec

    The Secret Language of Tongues Speaking in tongues is a secret code language that God and angels understand. Satan cannot decipher it. Based on Tom's new book, Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. 28 min 30 sec

    Satan Fears the Holy Spirit In this unique revelation, learn how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are weapons against Satan. Based on Brown's new book. 28 min 30 sec

    Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties Pastor Lorenzo Aguirre shares why it is important to break ties with the things in our lives that have become idols. 28 min 30 sec

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