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Comments on the MSNBC, The History Channel and ABC 20/20 specials on Exorcism and Hell

Click here to watch an excerpt of the History Channel special. Click here to watch the MSNBC special.

I thought you did a great job on Friday (20/20). I believe that episode was great. God Bless You



It's too bad that there is such a lack of discernment in the church today. Pastors that are teaching that there are many ways to God. The Lord warned us that their would be false teachers, false prophets. Wolves in sheep's clothing, hirelings in the church. It's too bad that they did not give you more time on the program. I have read many of your teachings and agree with them. The little that you said, may the Holy Spirit penetrate the hearts that listened for and received the truth.



I didn't think they had you on very long, maybe a minute? I also thought it wasn't a very good assessment of hell, especially to the un-saved.



I thought the special was incredible--when you think of all the people who are fooled into thinking that hell doesn't exist. I was sadden to hear about Carlton Pearson and his new doctrine. I can only pray for him.  It made me wonder about him though because he stated that he once cast out demons and now he is saying that hell doesn't exist? It just makes me wonder if he really believed in what he was doing. I know that in these times people have itching ears and you manage to give the full complete gospel in the way the Lord wants it given without compromising, because someone may get their feelings hurt. It's better for their pride to be hurt than for them to be deceived. 

Joan Greer


I watched 20/20 this Friday. I believe in hell and that the word of God is the only absolute truth. The TV special about Hell was typical.  It was edited to promote the secular and discredit Christ and Christianity.  The Host appeared bias also.  For the few seconds that were allotted to you, I think you stated the only thing you could say for that short time. The episode was not attention grabbing with the pagan views they were presenting.  I did not watch the last fifteen minutes as I was too disgusted with their secular promotion.



I saw the show and it was pretty good; it wasn't what I expected, but it was good.  I thought maybe they would have had more of you in an interview; I think that would have been more interesting to see.  I'm sure they did do an interview with you but didn't use it. They just used clips of the church and put in their own commentary into it.

Daniel Candelaria Jr.


The television story is powerful (History Channel).  Keep up the great work for the Kingdom!
Mark Hott


I saw you on television tonight, and you caught my attention. I can see that you are a true man of God. I seen you performed exorcism on some people. And I say, you did very well, in doing your part in praying for them to cast the demons out of them. That is good.



Thank you so much for your letter with the MSNBC clip, and I watched it with much amazing attitude because you are performing as the Apostles did during and after the days of our Lord.

Brother Thomas.

It is so awesome to see the secular media, such as MSNBC, doing an in-depth documentary on exorcism and deliverance ministries. Many whom saw this program came away educated in what a true exorcism is rather than the Hollywood's depictions of this process. Honestly, I have never heard of you before the MSNBC program, but I wanted to find out more about you, so I did a search on the Internet and uncovered your web site. I wanted to write you an encouraging word, but my heart was troubled for what I saw on your site.

That's great that you put up encouraging notes that people wrote about seeing the MSNBC. I am sure it was a confirmation in your heart what you are doing is from God, but to post negative things about another ministry or person [Bob Larson] that is doing the Lord's work isn't okay. If you have a problem with another person you need to go to them, not by posting negative and cheap shots to another brother in Christ.

I urge you out of Christian love to review the comments you have posted to the web site regarding the MSNBC Documentary and see if they are of God. I don't think God intended the MSNBC Documentary to bring forth a rivalry between two Exorcists--two men of God, do you?

Name Withheld
[Editor's note: The email I receive does not necessarily reflect my views.]

We watched the show and enjoyed seeing the truth on secular television, even though MSNBC had to present a "balanced" show and others that were also on the show did not believe in oppressions and possessions we found your portion of the show very scripturally correct. We likewise have had several occasions to meet face to face with demons and to cast them out. Most people don't realize that demons are the reason for most of the problems in society today, but instead rather believe that it is something else. We appreciate your direct and honest scriptural instruction given on the show and know that had MSNBC given you more time, there would have been may more demons cast out in Jesus Name.

Denise B. Smith


I was very impressed with the show on Tuesday night!  It was very refreshing to hear on national television, ministers using the name of our Lord and Savior! Not usual fare for the prime-time genre these days!  You are a very remarkable man.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Crusader for Christ! The images of those poor demon possessed people really was something to witness.  I am amazed that they allowed that on TV....(more of it should be shown).  I hope it will be a cause of many people being Saved and coming to the Lord as a result of it. If I was not Saved, I would for sure be after watching that show! Great JOB!

Ann Cercone


I did watch the program. As expected, they cast doubt on what is going on with the psychologists. It appears the secular logic is that the demons from Jesus' day were really psychological problems and that it is the power of suggestion that keeps you in business. I did find it interesting to see you in action. 



I thought the show was well done. It is too bad that there were psychologists and "so-called" religious authorities from academia who were so articulate in their dismissal of God's workings, but that is to be expected, especially in a secular presentation. That said, nonetheless, the network certainly gave you and Bob more time and emphasis on this special, which I thank God for. I like your style and approach to this ministry more than Bob Larson's. I believe that Larson would do far better to work through local churches in a given city versus his "seminar" format, which kind of gives a huckster feel to a legitimate ministry.

     I believe that Bob Larson is a gifted, sincere and faithful brother. I just wish he were not in a fundraiser mode "while" ministering. I believe God would be better served and better glorified. Feel free to pass these thoughts along to him if so led (so as I am not criticizing a brother's work behind his back).
     Perhaps someday, there or wherever God plants my family in ministry, I will bring you, Tom, in to minister to the demonized in our area. God bless your walk and your work. 
Peter Pritchard 


I agree to some degree of what you had spoke about throughout the show.  Just had a problem with the demon possession part of it.  I believe, yes people can become possessed, but feel that most of what you deal with is not actually possession.  I believe that they are just simply strongholds on a persons life that needs to be totally given over to Christ, they are not demons themselves attached within the souls of individuals.  Such as the women you preformed, what was suppose to be an exorcism.  She had a stronghold of depression but had given her life to Christ, once this happened a demon was not going to enter into her body.  She just did not fully understand  how to claim the blood over these strongholds.  I sure hope she is being taught this. [Editor's Note: The woman who was set free is still doing fine, and has not taken any anti-depressants since her deliverance.]

Perhaps my understanding of possession is somewhat different.  I liked the way the catholic priest had put it on the show, they made sense.  Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking your beliefs, maybe I just need to be more educated.

I wish you wasn't on with Bob Larson, he didn't make what you was trying to get across to individuals look very good. How can someone charge to perform exorcisms? Christ did not charge and it is only by His blood that these people are being set free.  This part of the show sickened me! 



It's always exciting to see Christian truths being displayed on secular TV, especially controversial aspects such as exorcism and tongues.  Jesus' healings and casting out evil spirits was a public spectacle the likes of which mankind has never seen, so it seems appropriate for present-day Christians to do the same.  For those of us who feel it shouldn't be a public spectacle, we should consider the spectacle Jesus made. 

One thing, though.  It's of great concern when Christians charge admission for performing services for the Body of Christ which are expected by Christ to be done out of obedience and love.  Mr. Larson may be a very skilled and devoted exorcist who is motivated by love, but the admission fees  that are being charged for his ministry services are anything but appropriate. Between the admission fees, the fees (or expected donations) required from his helpers, and his focus on book sales, it did come across rather strongly that Mr. Larson may be motivated by more than love. 



My wife and I watched the program on exorcism. Christ centered ministry is the need of the hour! You lifted up Christ. You had an obvious love and compassion for the people, so needed. You quoted scripture and used the name of Jesus. Thank you for "trashing" exorcism rituals in favor of Biblical deliverance. I am surprised the media gave you as fair a treatment as they did. My soul was blessed by the program.

Also, I've respected Bob Larson's ministry for many years.

In the Cross, Allan Walker


Tonight I was watching television and I got a glimpse of your ministry. I was very excited to watch as you participated in spiritual warfare. The Lord has been teaching me much in this area and there is so much to learn.



I watched the program and was very much in agreement with you and Bob Larson. Being raised Church of God since being saved 19 years ago, we were taught that Christians could not be taken control of. Since then I have come to believe through my own experience that they can through certain things we go through enter and take control in some ways. I guess I speak of depression which I have struggled with for years. I am currently reading a book by Derek Prince called They Shall Expel Demons which says basically what you and Bob Larson said on the program. We have forgot about this vital part of ministering to people. People need set free. 


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