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God's Cure for the Transgender
by Tom Brown

            Marcus was a few days from getting his sex change operation.

            He grew up in a loving Christian family, though without a father. From the time he could feel sexual attraction, he felt it for boys. As he grew older, he went into the homosexual lifestyle, even though he knew that the Word of God was against it.

            He plunged even deeper into the lifestyle by dressing up as a woman. He appeared more attractive as a woman than a man, he and others thought. This bode well for him to attract a greater number of men. One man in particular, he fell in love with. The man, too, seemed to love him, though he was put off with the fact that Marcus had a penis. He pleaded with Marcus to do the sex-change surgery so he could resemble a woman from below the belt. Because Marcus loved the man so much, he decided to do it for him.

            He convinced the doctors that he was a woman in his soul, and that he was assigned the wrong gender at birth. The doctors believed him. They scheduled his sexual reassignment surgery.

            Days before the surgery, his mother died. This got him to contemplate his upbringing. Though his mother loved him unconditionally, he also knew that his mother prayed for him to change. It took her death to get Marcus back to his Christian roots.

            He gave his life to Christ, cancelled the surgery, broke up with his boyfriend, and started to attend my church. Marcus is a gentle soul. He told me that he finally feels free. He loves to tell the story of his homosexual and trans lifestyle and, ultimately, his conversion to Christ.

            This article is written for the Marcus's in the world. It's not going to be an article that will convince the LGBT activists that they are sinning. Unless the Holy Spirit convinces them of sin, they will continue their sinful lifestyle and the promotion of it.

Not a Healthy Lifestyle

            It is my intent in this article to help bring freedom to those wanting out of the transgender lifestyle.1

            God's Word is clear on the matter of transgenderism: "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this" (Deuteronomy 22:5). There is no deep interpretation needed; the trans lifestyle is forbidden and for good reason: It is not a healthy lifestyle for the one practicing it and it is a form of deception to snatch opposite genders into a sexual relationship. God does not say something is wrong, simply because He is a kill-joy. He knows how we are made, and He tells us not to do anything that ruins God's creation.            

            Consider the high suicide rate among the trans community. Tragically, 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide, and it is not because of societal rejection, but, rather, their own inner demons, psychological illness and confused identity. The answer is not hormones that reinforces the wrong identity or surgery that supports the lie--that's like giving sugar to a diabetic; it only makes him sicker. The answer is deliverance, inner healing, and coming to Christ to find one's true identity in Him.

            The trans community lies about the cause of the high rate of suicide. They want to blame me, the Bible, Christians and society in general for their own soaring suicide rate. They claim it is discrimination that causes the sky-rocket suicide rate. But discrimination doesn't account for the suicide rate.

            Stats show that racial minorities that are discriminated in society, actually have a lower suicide rate than the favored majority. It appears that discrimination makes someone stronger and resilient in the face of other troubles. Why then is the suicide rate lower among those experiencing racial discrimination, yet very high among both the trans and homosexual community? It's because the gay and trans lifestyles are plainly unhealthy psychologically, often physically and definitely spiritually.

            God wants you whole, and so He warns you about sins that ruins or distorts the image of God in you. If you were born a male, then God intends for you to be a male. To try to change your sex is to call God a liar. It is to say that He made a mistake when He made you. But God did not make a mistake in creating you the gender you were born with; it is the devil who lies to you about your gender. He tells you that you were a mistake at birth and that you, as a human, should correct that mistake. Satan really is accusing God of making a mistake with you.

You are wonderfully Made

            Consider this beautiful passage: "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well" (Psalm 139:13-14).

            You are created wonderfully by God. But a confused individual doesn't understand the last words: "I know that full well." A trans does not know full well how wonderful he or she is, just the way God made them. It should be obvious to any soul that his life is a creation of God. God took personal responsibility for knitting you in your mother's womb. You look the way God wanted you to look. The color of your eyes and hair, your finger print, you nose, your mouth, your height is the way God wanted you to look. And you look beautiful or handsome to Him. Society may not consider you beautiful or handsome, you may not like the way you look, but they and you are not the Artist that made you.

            Trans people basically reject themselves. They reject their birth; Their gender; All that God beautifully made. So it should not surprise us that they have such a high rate of suicide. The answer, though, is not disguising your gender or taking hormones to make you look like the opposite gender, or, God-forbid, getting surgery to cut off the organ that God put on your body. When a person does this, they are cutting off a piece of God's creation. This is self rejection! This is a form of self mutilationall with the doctor's help!

            The healing of the psyche comes when you accept yourself the way God made you. If you were born a boy, then be a man. If you were born a girl, then be a woman.

The Link to Homosexuality

            I could write volumes on the causes of transgenderism, but ultimately, in most cases, it is an offshoot of homosexuality. (Click here for my article on the causes and cure for homosexuality.) While there some cases of heterosexual men that dress up as women, take female hormones or even want a surgical procedure to try to look more like a woman, the vast majority of trans people are homosexuals. Transgenderism is simply a degrading downward from homosexuality.

            Paul said it this way, "Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more" (Ephesians 4:19). After a while, it is not enough for the homosexual male to have sex with men, they have a "continual lust for more". They want something different that turns them on.

            This is the way all sin works. The Bible talks about going from "bad to worse" (2 Timothy 3:13). No one starts off with big sins. A thief does not start with stealing millions of dollars. He starts with stealing from his parents or relatives. He steals a small item at store. In time, he steals thousands. He goes from bad to worse.

            Drug addicts usually start with something small. Maybe marijuana. Then for some, this doesn't satisfy, they want something stronger. And when that doesn't give them the high they want; they go for something stronger. This is the way sin works.

            People start smalllusting after someone of the same sex, then looking at gay porn; then going to a gay bar; then having their first partner. From there it degrades even further. Some homosexuals go additionally into the trans lifestyle.  It is bad to commit sexual acts with the same gender; it is worse to try to change your gender. Just as a homosexual is confused on their sexual orientation, they are also confused as to their gender. They are descending further into sin, confusion and deception.

Why do they dress up?

             There are two basic ulterior motives for people dressing up like the opposite gender. First, it expands their pool of sexual partners or suitors. Since homosexuals account for a very small percentage of the population, there are less available partners for homosexuals. One major reason for the gay-rights movement was for homosexuals to be able to come out of the closet. For homosexuals to be in the closet pretty much kept them out of the market of same-sex partners. If they didn't let others know they were gay, then they would have difficulty getting sexual partners. So the gay-rights movement is intended to get homosexuals into the market of sexual partners.

            However, the market of partners is still very small. And for some male homosexuals, they are not attracted as much to effeminate homosexuals as they are to masculine ones. So dressing up as a woman is a good way for them to attract more masculine males and, possibly, even heterosexual males.

            Concerning women that are trans, it does not translate in the same way as male trans, for one basic reason: clothes that men wear, women already wear. Women already wear pants, so this does not distinguish them so much as it would for men to wear dresses. There are two ways that lesbians can counter this: they can look very masculine by cutting their hair very short and wearing masculine type clothes that hide their feminine features. The second way for women to look masculine is to go into body building, so as to look very muscular, which makes them look more masculine. This explains why there is a very large percentage of women body builders that are lesbian.2 So in a sense, women that are trans will normally do those two things. Otherwise, they will simply try to advertise their lesbianism in other ways.  


            The second ignoble motive for people becoming trans is because it turns them on. It is a fetish. Just as some get turned on sexually through strange and abnormal behavior such as sucking toes, or whips and chains, so some get sexually turned on by cross-dressing. This fetish could exist with both a homosexual or heterosexual person.

            It is obvious that if is someone is heterosexual, then cross-dressing would not expand their base of suitors; it would likely decrease it. For many of them, they do not find as much satisfaction in sex as they used to. This is why a great number of people choose to get their sex change operation later in life.3 After they have had their fill of sex, they now turn to something else that turns them on. So dressing up as the opposite gender becomes a fetish for them, so they could feel more aroused. Psychologists have called this autogynephilic autosexuality.4 The heterosexual trans gets turned on with their own-opposite sexuality. This is a very self centered psychological illness, as well as a great sin before God. No longer does this individual get stimulated in the same way with the opposite gender, they now get greater stimulation with their own opposite sexuality. In other words, they turn themselves on.

            It's clear that for many of these people, they have allowed a "continual lust for more" sex, rather than recognizing that they have entered a new stage in their life where the desire for sex dissipates with age. This should not be avoided, but embraced. But for some people, they have trouble embracing the way God made them.

False Image of Yourself 

            I have pointed out two ulterior motives of trans. Now I am not claiming every trans has these ulterior motives. Only God knows every heart. For some trans, they are simply confused, hurting, and lonely people. They are not really looking for more suitors or more sexual partners, but just wanting to be happy with themselves. For those who feel this: listen, changing your gender identity is not the answer. Accepting Christ and His love for you is the beginning of your answer. Following "his commands are not burdensome" (1 John 5:3), yet breaking them is.

            Consider the words of the prophet Isaiah, "The images that are carried about are burdensome, a burden for the weary" (Isaiah 46:1). Trans are carrying an unreal image of themselvesthey view the lie that they are really the opposite gender. This is a false image, which is idolatry. This false image will be burdensome. It will be "a burden for the weary."

            Right now, you are reading this article, because you feel burdensome. You feel very weary! The world tries to affirm what you know is false. They tell you that you are not really who you were born as an infant. They encourage you to change your gender. They tell you to take hormone therapy to feel more like the opposite gender. And if you announce that you are going to change genders through surgery, they applaud you. Isn't it sad that the world lies to you and essentially tells you that you are a mistake of nature? But the God of nature assigned you a gender at birth, yet, society agrees with the lies in your mind that you are a mistake. Do you really think submitting and agreeing with the world that you are a mistake is going to heal you and release you of your burden? 

            No! You are not a mistake! God loves you as you are. He made you for a reason. Embrace yourself the way you were born, and the only thing you do need to changeit's not your bodyis your spirit and mind. Be born again. Let Christ come into your life. Change the way you think about yourself. See yourself as "God's masterpiece" (Ephesians 2:10, NLT).5

For brevity we are not distinguishing between transvestites from transgenders. In the end, whether one practices cross dressing occasionally or someone views themselves permanently as the opposite gender, they are both wrong and practicing sin. The author uses just the generic term "trans".

2   Not all women body builders are lesbians. Some Christians even have a ministry in that field.

3   The average age of sex change operations is 41. But much higher for heterosexuals.

The psychiatric and psychology fields are so overprotective of the LGBT lobbyists that they seem to find unfounded reasons to crucify any doctor that shows the causes and negative affects of transgenderism. Thank God for a few doctors that speak the truth, even when it is not politically correct.

5 In addition to coming to Christ and learning about one's identity in Him, a trans persons may need deliverance from unclean spirits and inner healing.

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